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Cruise vacation offers something for everyone: a variety of classes and excursions, bustling nightlife, moments of quiet relaxation or fun for the whole family. From state-of-the-art ships to exhilarating activities and amazing destinations, a cruise is the vacation adventure of a lifetime.

Want to see few countries on one holiday trip – don’t look any further, go on a cruise! With a Mediterranean cruise you have a chance to see France (Nice, Cannes, Corsica...), Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence, Sardinia...), Greece (Athens, Crete, Santorini...), Spain (Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Majorca, Menorca...), Turkey, Morocco, Egypt....

Too close to home? Why not go on a Caribbean cruise (Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Cuba...) and maybe combine it with a holiday in Florida. Not too adventures? Go for the Alaskan & Canadian or Dubai cruise! Looking for a family holiday? Take your kids for a themed Disney or Dreamworks cruise. Don’t like flying? Go on a cruise from Cobh!

Want a taste of different cultures and to know more about European history? Why not to go on a Baltic / Scandinavian cruise. Looking for a bit of luxury? Go for the Panama Canal cruise.

Cruising is a perfect holiday for that special occasion like honeymoon or anniversary and can also be an unforgettable trip for the whole family.

With many cabin types available and a wide choice of worldwide itineraries (from as little as 3 days to even 19 days) – cruising is a holiday that everyone can afford!

  • Mediterranean cruise from € 499 pp
  • Caribbean cruise from € 539 pp
  • Alaskan/Canadian cruise from € 699 pp
  • Dubai cruise from € 649 pp
  • Baltic/Scandinavian cruise from € 789 pp
  • Transatlantic cruise from € 799 pp